We currently have four “domain” committees and one global/org-level committee.  The domain committees are:

  • Fundraising (Chairman: OPEN)
    • Creates and manages all fundraising activity for the dojo
  • Ninja Affairs(Chairman: OPEN)
    • Manages all ninja-related activity (advancement, incentives, retention, etc.)
  • Volunteering(Chairman: OPEN)
    • Manages all volunteer-related activity (safety compliance, background checks, outreach, retention, etc.)
  • Web Assets(Chairman: OPEN)
    • Maintains the dojo’s online presence (Zen, social networks, website, etc.)


If you’re interested in volunteering with CoderDojoSTL that just proves how awesome you are!  To get you up to speed as fast as possible (so you can go back to curing cancer or surfing on a narwhal), there’s a few things you should know before your first dojo.  If you’ve worked with other volunteer orgs for kids, you probably know most of it already. 😉


Completing a background check (required)

At CoderDojo, we take child safety super seriously, especially since we’re ALL volunteers! So we stress background checks for all of our volunteers.  We require that every volunteer completes a background check before attending their second dojo. Here’s how:

  1. Visit Verified Volunteers at
  2. Create an account and log in through the “Volunteers” portal
  3. Select “Get Verified” and enter the GOOD DEED code: aph37tj
  4. Fill out the 4 steps, enter the necessary credit card information (there is a small fee for the service) and click “COMPLETE”.

Registering on Zen (required)

All volunteers must have an account on the CoderDojo platform and added CoderDojoSTL to their list of dojos.  This allows you to notify the organizers for a specific event if you can help or not by reserving a ticket.

To create an account, go to  If you are a parent of a ninja, you should have already created an account for you and your ninja(s) on the CoderDojo platform.  Afterwards, linking your account to our dojo is easy:

You can prepare for your first dojo by checking out the resources page at CoderDojo for tools you can use with youth at


The current dojo schedule will always be on the CoderDojo platform at  If there are any last minute changes due to emergencies, we will try to post them to Twitter and Facebook as fast as possible.

You’ll find that we’re a very loosely-run group of passionate volunteers with a lot of growing to do. If there’s anything you’d like to see improved or implemented, let us know what how we can accommodate and support it!