CoderDojo STL Needs you!



I am beginning the process of setting up a CoderDojo in the St. Louis/St. Charles area and I am looking for some people to help me set it up, get it organized, and work as mentors and volunteers.

So you are asking your self “What is CoderDojo?” You can find lots of information at the CoderDojo website itself at but I have pulled a quote from the site here:

“CoderDojo is a global movement of free, volunteer-led, community based programming clubs for young people. At a Dojo, young people, between 7 and 17, learn how to code, develop websites, apps, programs, games and explore technology in an informal and creative environment. In addition to learning to code attendees meet like minded people and are exposed to the possibilities of technology.

Within the CoderDojo Movement there is a focus on community, peer learning, youth mentoring and self led learning, with an emphasis on showing how coding is a force for change in the world.”

If you even have a slight interest in helping or desire more information please browse the CoderDojo website and please feel free to contact immediately at: or @coderdojostl

Thanks for reading!Screen-Shot-2014-11-28-at-16.34.44-999x500