Please join us for a…

Please join us for a CoderDojo St.Louis meeting on
January 18, 2020 2pm to 5 pm.
Rock Road Branch Library meeting room 2, 10267 St Charles Rock Rd, St Ann, MO 63074 Plenty of possibilities to have fun while learning. Some many fun projects to build using Scratch coding. Try your hand at using WordPress to build a webpage. Find out about what exactly is a database. How to use SQL the most popular language for database. Try your hand at JavaScript with the Babylonjs JavaScript library to generate amazing 3d adventures. Tell a story with stopmotion animation. Start getting ready to invent by learning electronics.

The always useful source for projects

Forgot to add, next meeting…

Forgot to add, next meeting is January the 18th at the St.Louis County Library Rock Road Branch

Some useful tidbits for todays…

Some useful tidbits for todays Coderdojo meeting or anyone else who could use these links
For learning textures and objects. Hint [] is declaring an array. {} is declaring an object. models glb More on models


The Making of “The Aviator”: Animating a Basic 3D Scene with Three.js

Download and run locally solar system model

A lot has changed since…

A lot has changed since the last post. For one thing this is Jason Harpole posting instead of David Welch. David did a great job running the coderdojo then he past it on to me a long while ago. I just finally got to posting on the website. I will make a habit of posting regularly. Next meeting is at September 21, 2019 – 2:00p.m. to 5:00p.m. 10267 St. Charles Rock Rd. St. Ann, MO at the Rock Road branch of the St.Louis county library. Not at CenturyLink like it used to be. A greenscreen with effects running in realtime was introduced at the last meeting. It was a lot of fun. Green screen is the process of acting in front of a green background and the background is replaced in the computer with anything. Works in multiple layers to.
The green background behind the actors can be replaced with a alien planet and a video of snow with a green background can be added in front resulting in the actors appearing in a blizzard. Of course if the actor picks up a green cloth and puts it over themselves the result looks like the invisibility cloak in Harry Potter. Python can be used to automate which effects show up on the screen at what time. Many projects are in work for future meetings. New educational material is being written up. Robots will come eventually. Its taking time because we are going with some seriously advance, impressive, and large robots. Its going to be amazing.

Back to code

Summer is beginning to wind down, all the kids are back in school, thoughts are beginning to turn to autumn and by extension winter, where days are spent indoors looking out over snow-covered lawns – wait, what!?!  It was spring like, two weeks ago!!!

Yep, summer has once again bestowed incredibly long days that are over in the blink of an eye.  And you know what that means??? Pretty soon, you’re kids will be inside during an autumn rain saying things like “it’s booorrrinnnggggg” and “there’s nothing to doooooo” with the same consigned attitude to their impending doom that the French military has whenever they encounter an enemy.  And you, yes YOU, dear sir or madam, are going to have to be the “adult” in the room and come up with (and/or steer them away from) suggestions on what they can and cannot do in the house.

Yep, these are heady days for CoderDojo – no more soccer practice or Cardinals games to distract from the discovery and amazement that kids can find while coding!!!

Don’t get me wrong – physical activity is essential to happiness and balance in every person’s life (don’t believe me: watch this).  We encourage you and yours to go out and move – but fall and winter are our domain, if you pardon the pun. 😉 It takes a lot of work and incentive to get most kids to think of math, science, engineering, etc. when there are waterslides, swimming pools, swings, races, sports, camping, fishing, and the like to be had.

But what can kids do when the sun sets at 4 pm???

Besides video games and HobbyKidsTV?

See you at the next dojo!

Summer doldrums

Summer is always a tough time for the dojo – who wants to be in front of a computer when they’ve got a soccer game!?! But regardless of the allure of golden summer, we’re still holding dojos every second Saturday of the month, so come and keep me company! Find the latest dojo by checking out Zen: