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Summer is beginning to wind down, all the kids are back in school, thoughts are beginning to turn to autumn and by extension winter, where days are spent indoors looking out over snow-covered lawns – wait, what!?!  It was spring like, two weeks ago!!!

Yep, summer has once again bestowed incredibly long days that are over in the blink of an eye.  And you know what that means??? Pretty soon, you’re kids will be inside during an autumn rain saying things like “it’s booorrrinnnggggg” and “there’s nothing to doooooo” with the same consigned attitude to their impending doom that the French military has whenever they encounter an enemy.  And you, yes YOU, dear sir or madam, are going to have to be the “adult” in the room and come up with (and/or steer them away from) suggestions on what they can and cannot do in the house.

Yep, these are heady days for CoderDojo – no more soccer practice or Cardinals games to distract from the discovery and amazement that kids can find while coding!!!

Don’t get me wrong – physical activity is essential to happiness and balance in every person’s life (don’t believe me: watch this).  We encourage you and yours to go out and move – but fall and winter are our domain, if you pardon the pun. 😉 It takes a lot of work and incentive to get most kids to think of math, science, engineering, etc. when there are waterslides, swimming pools, swings, races, sports, camping, fishing, and the like to be had.

But what can kids do when the sun sets at 4 pm???

Besides video games and HobbyKidsTV?

See you at the next dojo!