Kids Coding Resources (Thanks to CoderDojoLA for the base list!)

Electronics & Robotics

Adafruit – Learn & Buy Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc.
MaKey Makey
Raspberry Pi – Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

Coding Events, Programs & Camps

Black Girls Code
CS First
Digital Media Academy
Hour of Code
i2 Camp
iD Tech Camps
Made With Code

Coding Tools, IDEs & Editors

Cloud9 IDE
Compilr – write code from your browser
JSBin HTML/Javascript Editor – an HTML editor you can use in your browser and see instant results
JSFiddle HTML Editor – an HTML editor you can use in your browser and see instant results
Koding – code in the cloud

Game Development

Cocos2d – open source software frameworks for building cross-platform games and apps
GameMaker – software to make games – GameMaker Lite is free
GameSalad – can produce iPhone, web browser-based content in HTML 5, and Android applications.
GameSalad Getting Started Cookbook
GameSalad – Overview of GameSalad Basics (video)
GameSalad – Welcome to GameSalad tutorial video
Minecraft API
Unity 2D – Lessons from Jesse Freeman
Unity 3D (has downloadable free version)
Unity 3D – Fungus – Fungus is an extension for Unity 3D for making fun story-based games
Unity 3D – Learn Unity
Unity 3D Student – learn video game development through bitesize modules combined with challenges


36 Free Kids’ Programming Resources Studio
Code School – learn Ruby, Javascript, Git, iOS
CoderDojo Tutorial List
codeSpark Tutorials
Khan Academy – Computer Science – beginner, visual, fun!
Khan Academy – Computer Science – advanced
Kithub – hands-on kits for young innovators sent monthly
Learn to Program (book)
LEGO Mindstorms
Light-Bot – game that teaches kids basic programming concepts
Made With Code – Projects (Google) – Coding for Girls
Pluralsight – for adults, but some smart kids might benefit from these programming courses
Popcorn (from Mozilla, lets kids integrate video and code)
Terrapin Logo
Udacity – great Into to CS class in Python as well as iOS & Android app development classes
Webmaker Teaching Resources
Young Programmers’ Podcast – video podcast for computer programmers in grades 3 and up. Learn about Scratch, Alice, Python, Pygame, etc.

iPad Apps to Teach Coding

Circuit Coder
CodeQuest – from Codarica – kids build their first website with HTML and CSS
Kodable Class
Move the Turtle
Robo Logic 2 HD
Scratch Jr

Mobile App Development

Android – A Beginner’s Guide – basic Android app programming
ARIS – user-friendly, open source platform for creating and playing mobile games, tours, and interactive stories
Developing with Swift – learn how to make iOS 8 apps in Swift, tutorials by Stanford
iOS 8 and Swift – How to Make a “Freaking” iPhone App
iOS – Teach Kids Programming iOS (must have account)
MIT App Inventor
PhoneGap – create an app using HTML and Javascript
Stanford Fall 2011 iPhone and iPad Development Course
Swifty – learn to code in Swift
Udacity – iOS & Android app development classes

Programming Tutorials


Java – Learn Java with Greenfoot
Java – Teaching Kids Programming – Java


Javascript – Code Avengers – Learn Javascript
Javascript – Code Monster
Javascript Tutorial –
Javascript: Understanding the Weird Parts – Udemy


jQuery Tutorial –


PHP for Kids
PHP – Teach Kids Programming PHP (must have account


Python – How to Think Like a Computer Scientist – Learning With Python
Python – Invent with Python
Python – Program Arcade Games with Python and Pygame
Python – PyCharm – a free, open source, Python IDE – both take and create courses with info, tasks, code, hints, tests for completion, and progress tracking. JetBrains also set up a public git repository where educators can share courses they create.
Python – The Python Game Book
Teach Your Kids to Code: A Parent-Friendly Guide to Python Programming – book


Ruby – Kids Ruby
Ruby – Ruby for Kids
Ruby – Learn to Program Ruby
Ruby – RubyKin – Teach Kids Ruby
Ruby – Try Ruby Ruby – Railsbridge

Videos that Inspire Kids to Learn to Code – What Most Schools Don’t Teach

Visual Programming Environments

Alice – educational software that teaches kid programming in a 3D environment
Blockly – a visual programming language from Google
Blockly Games
Scratch – Harvard Curriculum Guide
Scratch – Learn Scratch
Scratch – Scratch Ed

Web Application Frameworks

Django – The Django Book
Node.js – The Node Beginner Book
Ruby on Rails – Rails for Zombies

Web Development

Codecademy – learn basic web development, CSS, Javascript
CSS Tutorial –
Twitter Bootstrap
W3 Schools
W3 Schools Color Names