Hello-WorldI have had some PM inquiries so I wanted to post my answers so that everyone who might be interested in helping can benefit.

At this point I am just in the organization stages and cannot answer some of the specific questions with certainty only because it is really up to us! After I gather my group of initial volunteers and mentors we will meet to discuss specific items on how and what we want to teach in our Dojo. This Dojo is really what we want to make it. We can meet in the same place each week or we can move. Who we recruit as “mentors” will have a large influence on what we offer in the way of programming languages. My hope is to eventually have many different types of skills represented including HTML, CSS, Scratch, Java, JavaScript, Arduino, RaspberryPi and other micro electronics – it really depends on who we get to help and what the kids want to learn. The only requirements from the kids will be to show up, bring a laptop, be curious and have a great attitude. Most of the parents will be recruited as “volunteers” and I will be looking for mentors where I can find them. A mentor can be skilled in any of the areas we are hoping to offer to our kids.

My first tasks are to:
1) Recruit volunteers and mentors
2) Schedule a planning meetings to determine a lot of the questions you asked such as where, when, what and how often.
3) The rest is up to us.

The main CoderDojo page can be found here to get an idea of the whole concept:

Besides this Facebook page we have a website ( and LinkedIn group page (CoderDojoSTL) a Twitter account (@coderdojostl) and (just for grins) an Instagram account (coderdojostl). Our email address is Please contact us for any inquiries, questions and especially to help!

Thanks for the reply and let me know how you can help!